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Samshin Chemical is dedicated to endless innovation. Your faithful business partner, Samshin Chemical.

Humans are always encouraged to challenge for new goals and consequently our society has been growing further by such process. However, rather than focusing on technical development, now it is a time for us to set forth a human technology, co-existing with our green nature. Samshin Chemical, as a green pioneer in automotive part business, is fully committed to do our utmost to make tomorrow brighter, based on faithful relations with our partners. Innovation of Samshin Chemical is on-going at this very moment.

With our decades long experience and know-how in a plating industry, we will always be there to help you.

Samshin Chemical is ready to meet our customer's various requirement from product designing, development to quality assurance, by producing up to date, diversified and in-depth technology. Samshin has been always ready for ever-changing market, and we will keep carry out our mission to provide convenient and eco-friendly products for the human beings. We promise to be a reliable and constantly developing company.