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I believe that there is always a leader in every business. Samshin Chemical was able to possess up-to-date facilities and outstanding human resources, based on our own decades-long experience. Through decades of operation in a chrome plating business, we have always strived to develop a new plating technology for both human’s wants and our green nature. Samshin Chemical is now ready to become the no.1 pioneer in a chrome plating business with the state-of-the-art technology, the best quality products and on-time delivery services.

21st century is a society where harmonized communication is essential. Samshin Chemical will focus on building a strong bond between executives and our employees. I believe that eventually this strengthened bond and organizational power will be a foothold to maximize our profit. Furthermore, I hereby promise you that Samshin Chemical will make all efforts to set the very first value as our customer’s satisfaction through communication with our business partners, looking forward to having another step forward to a big success. Consequently, this will all become a cornerstone for your hapiness.

Best wishes! President Mr. Oh, Bong Gyun.